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We are raising funds to fix the driveway at The Church of St. Andrew Scarborough. 

Our goal is $20,000.

Easy ways to Donate to Project Asphalt... 

Online:  Click here to go to the St. Andrew donation page and select option 2 "Driveway"

Mail to: The Church of St. Andrew Scarbourgh
                  2333 Victoria Park Ave
                  Scarborough, ON  M1R 1W6
                  Note: Indicate "Driveway" on your cheque

These are the details of the work that needs to be completed to fix the church driveway:

  1. To saw-cut and remove existing asphalt from area to be paved; to dispose material from site.
  2. To inspect existing base for any soft/unsettled areas and to excavate up to 8” in depth and to remove/dispose from site.
  3. To grade base with existing stone and to supply/install all necessary additional ¾” Crusher-run stone as required.
  4. To inspect existing catch-basins/manholes and to adjust levels as required using pre-cast concrete Moduloc rings.
  5. To fine grade base and to compact with heavy-duty vibrating roller.
  6. To apply SS-1 emulsion tack-coat along saw-cut edges prior to paving.
  7. To supply/install 2” (compacted depth) of Hot Mix HL8, Base Asphalt.
  8. To supply/install 1½” (compacted depth) of Hot Mix HL3, Commercial Finish Asphalt.
  9. Also, to fill addition pot-holes throughout property with Hot Mix Asphalt HL3.
  10. To provide a final site clean-up upon completion of work.