In the Anglican Church, there are no formal requirements to become a member; if you are baptized, and attend worship here, and support the work of the church through gifts of your time, talents and financial support, and wish to be a member, then you're considered to be a member!

Vestry Meetings

A Vestry meeting is a meeting of all the members of the church; everyone is welcome to attend, but those who vote must be at least 16 years old, have attended worship here at least three times in the past year, and not have voted in the last three months in any other church's membership meetings.

Our annual general meeting happens in February each year; other special vestry meetings might happen through the course of the year if needed.


Our team of churchwardens are elected and appointed at the annual vestry meeting, and serve as the senior decision makers for the parish in areas of finance, property and business. (Areas of worship and program are decided by the Incumbent, although in practical terms, the wardens and incumbent work as a team in all these areas!)

Parish Council

Meeting monthly, parish council serves as an advisory group to the churchwardens and Incumbent, and also acts as a way to spread information through the parish. Representatives from a number of ministry areas sit on council, along with some members-at-large.

The Financial Team

Our treasurer is an accountant who serves as our volunteer bookeeper.

Our counters teams work together each week to, as the name implies, count the weekly collection and prepare the bank deposit.

Our envelope secretary maintains the confidential records of all donations (no one else, even the Incumbent, sees this information), maintains the donation systems (offering envelopes and pre-authorized gifts) and prepares receipts for donors.

Our stewardship team works to help give our members opportunities for generosity in their givings of their time, talent and treasure to support the work of our church.

Communications Team

This team oversees our ministries of communicating with the community as well as communications within the church; our newsletter, website, advertising, and welcome ministries all fall under their purview.