Music Ministries

Music Ministries

Sing to the Lord a new song!

Music is a huge part of our worship at St. Andrew's, with largely traditional music on Sunday mornings during our 10:00 am services (with organ and choir) and contemporary music at our Saturday worship services at 4:30 pm (with guitar, piano and drums).

Traditional Music

Edward Moroney heads our Sunday music program, playing the Wicks organ and conducting our all-volunteer choir. Our choir sings in four-part harmony, with men and women of all backgrounds. They rehearse on Thursday evenings through most of the year, and lead our music during Sunday service (they do take summers off). While the majority of our music during Sunday services is fairly traditional Anglican hymnody and choral anthems, we also have begun to branch out to include music from other cultures and traditions.

Contemporary Music

Our Saturday worship band is comprised of volunteers who meet to rehearse for an hour prior to each service. The music includes both contemporary praise music and more modern music from mainline churches.


Both our choir and our Saturday praise band are happy to have new people join them!