Ordination of Rev. Monique

On Tuesday, February 2 our assistant curate Monique Taylor was ordained a priest.

The day was the celebration of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, marking the occasion when Mary and Joseph brought 40-day-old Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem to dedicate him to God, as all Jewish parents did with their firstborn sons. It was an appropriate day for us to celebrate Monique dedicating herself to God through ministry as a priest.

Preacher John Stephenson reminded us of God's self-emptying love in becoming human, and called on all Christians and especially upon priests to likewise empty ourselves of our own selfishness so that we can be filled with God's love for the world.

Area Bishop Kevin Robertson presided, and many other priests gathers to lay hands on Monique's head and shoulders in the ancient gesture of ordination.

Monique's sister Michelle Eason is also a priest (in the Diocese of Montreal), and her presence and participation made the occasion particularly special.

Thanks to all who assisted in organizing the service, the rehearsal dinner and the reception in the parish hall that followed.