Farewell, Rev. Ian!

The Rev. Ian Lafleur concludes his two-year assistant curacy with us at the end of August, and the St. Andrew's family gathered on August 23rd to celebrate his ministry here and to bid him farewell.  

Ian was presented with a beautifully hand-crafted stole and chasuble set created by our own Loraine Wilson as well as a purse, the gifts of our members to him. Several ministry teams also honoured his work over the past two years: the youth group, pastoral visitors, outreach team, liturgical team, Bible Study group and others who were particularly touched by his ministry.

So many members contributed to the farewell; musical offerings and donations of food, helping to setup and clean up for the luncheon, and so much support and goodwill.

Ian will be taking a month's vacation next, and is in meetings with the bishops of the Dicoese about his next steps in ministry. 

God bless you, Ian, and be with you through this time of transition. We know that wherever you go, others will be blessed by your compassion, faithfulness and grace.