Lenten Study: A Clearing Season

Lenten Study: A Clearing Season

In the midst of a busy world, join us as we spend time learning to 

  • clear space in our lives for God
  • identify obstacles that keep us from God
  • choose spiritual practices to help us remove those obstructions

This Lent, let’s simplify our lives and de-clutter our hearts as we journey towards Jesus. All are welcome! All sessions take place in the St. Andrew’s Room.

Week One: Exploring the Wilderness   Wednesday March 8
Choosing to find and explore those areas in our lives that are the “wilderness” – fear, anger, addiction, etc. that the Holy Spirit is driving us to. Participants are asked to use the week to practice silent meditation for 10-20 min. daily. (Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13)

Week Two: First Clearing   Wednesday March 15
Choosing Lenten discipline that will help each individual to clear one small space in a personal “wilderness”, such as daily quiet & prayer for 10-20 min.; a media fast; taking on a service project, etc. (Joel 2:12-13; Job 42:2-6)

Week Three: Natural Rhythms   Wednesday March 22
Mindful observation of how the chosen discipline is affecting the rest of daily life, and understand that God is the force that restores one’s natural rhythm and balance. Discussion of Laws and Grace working in tandem to help us find our balance. (Romans 7:15, 22-23; Psalm 19)

Week Four: New Growth/Weathering Storms   Wednesday March 29
Reflecting on how participation in a discipline can encourage new growth in our spiritual lives; but growth requires work and nurturing for which Lent gives time. Looking at new growth as a creative force in our lives. Seeking signs of new growth: loving, openness to surprise, strength in vulnerability. Setbacks are a part of spiritual growth so we need strategies to stick with our chosen disciplines: renewal of commitment, seeking support in community, dependence on God, self-forgiveness. (Psalm 92:12-15; Matthew 18: 12-14)

Week Five: Consecration   Wednesday April 5
Experiencing the holy, and seeking sacred space - reflecting on the difference in experiences when we move from our wilderness to our sacred space. Holy Week is a time of consecration and as we live in our newly cleared space we are asked to behave in a new way, to “take the sandals from our feet”, so to speak. The Last Supper - reflecting on holy self-giving, Gethsemane – reflecting on holy fear; crucifixion – reflecting on holy sacrifice; Holy Saturday – reflecting on holy shadow; Easter Vigil – reflecting on alert waiting in the present; being mindful. (John 20:19-22; Luke 22:39-44)

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